Photobooks of 2015: Hannah Watson

Hannah Watson of Trolley Books, shares some of her favourite books of the past year:

1. Timothy Prus – The Whale’s Eyelash



I wasn’t sure what it was at first,┬ábut I liked it. An amazing journey. A bit like travelling through Timothy Prus’s mind!


2. Eamonn Doyle – On


Great cover (I got green) going with the moody black and white interior.


3. Shilo Group – Chronicle


Always interested in what the Euromaidan boys are up to. This has that work and more.


4. Mariela Sancari – Moises


She has perfectly formed this highly personal project into book form. A great first book.


5. Nick Waplington – Living Room Work Prints


I’m up for any excuse to revisit the classic that is Living Room. This time in small format and soft cover.

6. Gary Cohen – Rejected

This man knows a lot about photobooks…and now I know a lot about Tinder. So funny!

A selection of books from the Photobooks of 2015 feature can be purchased here.

Hannah Watson is the Director of Trolley Books. Established in 2001, Trolley Books publish a diverse range of titles presenting unique stories in photography, photojournalism and contemporary art.