Photobooks of 2015: Hester Keijser

On Facebook, Gary Cohen shared the secret recipe for making lists of favorite books for the end of year mania as follows:

1. Mine
2. Yours
3. My other friend’s.
4. This one book I don’t really like, but everyone else does.
5. The book that hasn’t come out yet, but will be a best seller.
6. This one that if I say I like it will be good for me in the future.
7. A book I helped produce.
8. A book I hate but I put on here to be controversial.
9. A book made in such small release nobody has heard of it.

10. The book my cat (scratched up) chose.

I believe he forgot one rule for selecting titles: Books that have made me feel much smarter than I am.  Here are some of mine that belong in this category:

1. Vendula Knopova : Tutorial


2. Roc Herms : Postcards from Home


3. Takahashi Kyoji: Prototype-Pashmina


4. Sara Entwistle : Please send this book to my mother



5. Andre Gelpke : Amok (2014)


6. Shirana Shahbazi : Monstera (2014)



7. Dana Lixenberg : Imperial Courts 1993-2015


8. Jan Banning: Law & Order



9. Wolfgang Tillmans : The Cars



10. Cristina de Middel : Sharkification



Special mention because of the essays in the book: Minato / Goto : Hyper-materiality on photo – Hidden sense of Japanese photography II (Artbeat, Japan)


Hester Keijser, founder of Stead Bureau, is a freelance curator and author specialized in contemporary photography with a focus on the Middle East. She frequently collaborates with other international organisations in the field of photography on exhibitions, presentations, lectures, workshops and portfolio reviews, and serves as jury member for various awards and festivals.