Photobooks of 2015: Maxwell Anderson

Next in our round-up of photobook favourites from the past 12 months is Maxwell Anderson:-

1. Yuji Hamada – C/M/Y


2. Stefan Ruiz – Mexican Crime Photographs


3. JH Engstrom – Tout Va Bien


4. Erik Van der Weijde – Home Is Where The Dog Is


5. Nick Waplington – Living Room Work Prints

Living Room Work Prints

6. Timothy Prus – The Whale’s Eyelash


7. Yusaku Aoki – These Daze


A selection of books from the Photobooks of 2015 feature can be purchased here.

Maxwell Anderson is an artist, photographer and photobook publisher. Previously working for Chris Boot Limited, he created his own publishing imprint, Bemojake, from which he publishes his own work and the work of others. Maxwell also works from time to time with the Aperture Foundation in New York.