Photobooks of 2015: Yumi Goto

My contribution to this list of best photography books includes books that reflect the photographers’ personal circumstances, or those in which I can see the photographers’ own definitions of intimacy. I am very fortunate to come across these great projects and to be a witness to progress. Some of these photographers are my beautiful colleagues whom I have worked with or encountered in person and have had a chance to know the story behind the book-making. With great effort, these have become great books—and this is not just my personal account, as I know the books’ side stories. These books should be widely appreciated by as many people as possible.

1. Arthur Bondar – Signatures of War


2. Jan Rosseel – Belgian Autumn


3. Mariela Sancari – Moisés


4. Laura El-Tantawy – In The Shadow of The Pyramids


5. Hajime Kimura – In Search of Lost Memories


6. Newsha Tavakolian – Blank Pages of an Iranian Photo Album


7. Amak Mahmoodian Man/من


8. Kazuma Obara – Silent Histories


9. Chris Dorley-Brown – The Longest Way Round


10. Sohrab Hura – Life is Elsewhere


A selection of Yumi’s favourites are available here.

Yumi Goto is an independent photography curator, editor, researcher and consultant who focuses on the development of cultural exchanges that transcend borders. She is a founder of the REMINDERS PROJECT.