Photobooks of 2016: A Summary

Photobooks of 2016: A Summary

We asked publishers, photographers, booksellers, writers and collectors to share some of their photobook highlights of 2016 in the hope of shining a light on both familiar and some lesser exposed books.

The 26 participants who shared their selections were as follows:

Jeffrey Ladd
Erik Kessels
Rodrigo Orrantia
Gabriela Cendoya
Rudi Thoemmes
Robin Titchener
Laura El-Tantawy
Martin Parr
Tiane Doan na Champassak
Simon Baker
Thomas Wiegand
Mariela Sancari
Anouk Kruithof
Rob Hornstra
Ron Jude
10×10 Photobooks Team
Awoiska van der Molen
Maxwell Anderson
Alejandro Cartagena
Yumi Goto
Miwa Susuda
Christer Ehrling
The Photocaptionist
Mark Power
Martin Amis

A selection of books featured on the Photobooks of 2016 lists can be purchased here.


The most popular books were:

Gregory Halpern – ZZYZX (5 votes)
Moises Saman – Discordia (5 votes)
David Fathi – Wolfgang (5 votes)

Katrin Koenning & Sarker Protick – Astres Noirs (4 votes)
Peter Dekens – (Un)expected (4 votes)
Jack Latham – Sugar Paper Theories (4 votes)
Amak Mahmoodian – Shenasnameh (4 votes)
Valentina Abenavoli – Anaesthesia (4 votes)
Daisuke Yokota  – Matter / Burn Out (4 votes)
Diane Dufour, Matthew Witkovsky, Duncan Forbes and Walter Moser, ed. – Provoke: Between Protest and Performance  (4 votes)

Edmund Clark and Crofton Black  – Negative Publicity: Artefacts of Extraordinary Rendition (3 votes)
Gerry Johansson – Tokyo (3 votes)
Krass Clement  – Impasse Hotel Syria (3 votes)
Alejandro Cartagena  – Santa Barbara Return Jobs to the US (3 votes)
John Maclean – Hometowns (3 votes)
Horacio Fernandez  – New York in Photobooks (3 votes)


Thank you to all the contributors and all the talented people who took the brave step of publishing a book in the past year whether it is featured or not.