Photobooks of 2017

Photobooks of 2017

We asked publishers, photographers, booksellers, writers and collectors to share some of their photobook highlights of the year in the hope of shining a light on both familiar and some lesser exposed books. More than 20 participants shared their selections, including Alec Soth, Jeffrey Ladd, Erik Kessels, Ed Templeton, Simon Baker, Laia Abril and many more.

The full set of selections were as follows:


Ed Templeton
Simon Baker
Brad Feuerhelm
Eva-Maria Kunz
Gabriela Cendoya
Erik Kessels
Ron Jude
Robin Titchener
Jeffrey Ladd
Thomas Wiegand
David Solo
Laia Abril
Rodrigo Orrantia
Laurence Vecten
10 x 10 Photobooks team
Rob Hornstra
Colin Pantall
Alec Soth
Rudi Thoemmes
Remi Coignet
Mark Power
Martin Amis


The most popular books this year were:

Mathieu Asselin – Monsanto®: A Photographic Investigation (8 votes)

Henk Wildschut – Ville de Calais (6 votes)

Mary Frey –  Reading Raymond Carver (4 votes)

Bryan Schutmaat – Good Goddamn (3 votes)
Krass Clement – Dublin (3 votes)
Laia Abril – On Abortion (3 votes)
Leif Sandberg – Ending (3 votes)
Mårten Lange – The Mechanism (3 votes)
Mike Mandel – People In Cars (3 votes)
Rafal Milach – The First March of Gentleman (3 votes)
Rob Hornstra – Man Next Door (3 votes)
Ron Jude – Nausea (3 votes)
Thomas Albdorf – General View (3 votes)


A selection of books from the Photobooks of 2017 feature can be purchased here.


Thank you to all the contributors and all the talented people who took the brave step of publishing a book in the past year whether it is featured or not.