Photobooks of 2018: Rachel Barker

Photobooks of 2018: Rachel Barker


The Portraits by John Myers
John Myers’ The Portraits were taken minutes away from where I grew up, and as a fan of his work I have enjoyed looking through this brilliant book time and time again, continually finding something new in the work.

Waffenruhe by Michael Schmidt
A reprint for 2018 of Schmidt’s ‘classic photobook’ Waffenruhe. For those who are unable to afford the collectors price tag of the first edition, this new edition by Walther Konig should be on everyone’s Christmas list to Santa.

A Thousand Crossings by Sally Mann
This new monograph is really a joy to look through for any Sally Mann fan. It’s wonderful to see so much of Mann’s work and never before published images.

Eggs and Rarities by Paul Kooiker
One of my favourite books of this year, Paul Kooiker Eggs and Rarities is beautiful, surreal, unsettling and comforting in equal measure. This work really is outstanding.

Bright Black World by Todd Hido
Todd Hido’s highly anticipated new book explores the dark terrain of the Northern European landscape, with Hido’s breath taking imagery and influences from Nordic mythology and Fimbulwinter – meaning ‘endless winter’ what’s not to love?

Rachel Barker is one half of STANLEY/BARKER, a UK based publishing company that produces a select list of highly individual publications each year.


Images: top – Sally Mann – A Thousand Crossings , below – Todd Hido – Bright Black World


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