Photobooks of 2019: An Introduction

Photobooks of 2019

For our annual feature, we have once again invited people from a cross-section of photobook disciplines to select their favourite photobooks of the past year.  26 photographers, publishers, writers, booksellers and collectors will share their ‘Photobooks of 2019‘, including Ed Templeton, Todd Hido, John Gossage, Vanessa Winship, Simon Baker and many more, with a view to shining a light on both familiar and some lesser exposed books.

This year’s contributors are as follows:

Todd Hido
Ed Templeton
Miwa Susuda
Robin Titchener
Rachel and Gregory Barker
Terri Weifenbach
Rémi Coignet
10×10 Photobooks

John Gossage
Brad Feuerhelm

Amanda Ling-Ning Lo
Bryan Schutmaat
Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi
Rob Hornstra
Raymond Meeks
Sarah Allen

Simon Baker
Eva-Maria Kunz
Gabriela Cendoya

Jeffrey Ladd
John Sypal
Mark Power
Vanessa Winship
Awoiska van der Molen
Martin Amis