Photobooks of 2019: John Gossage

Duane Michals

Photobooks of 2019: John Gossage

The Unwanted by Thilde Jensen
A book that ties beauty and despair together, a most unlikely paring that in this case works extremely well.

Mother by Paul Graham
A slow ride of affection, with pictures that match some of Gerhard Richter’s portraits in their effect.

Entrance to Our Valley by Jenia Fridlyand
Intimate scenes, photographed with great style and grace.

Sigmar Polke’s Photographic Infamies
A painter whose photographs cross Daido Moriyama and G.P.Fieret

Se Buscan/Wanted by Manual Alvarez Bravo
A catalogue that tries to find the names of the people photographed in Bravo’s untitled portraits. A smart and beautiful design and idea.

Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road, by Tim Carpenter
The ordinary made resonant, with design to only help, not get in the way.

Des oiseaux by Terri Weifenbach
The Pillar by Stephen Gill

Two exemplary books that look at birds, one for the poetry of flight, and one for confrontation with another species.

Empty New York by Duane Michals
An unexpected set of photographs from the 1960’s that stand as a match to Abbotts “Changing New York”

Richard Prince 1234 instagram recordings, by Sebastien Girard
How to understand what it means to be in the media, of course being done by someone other than Prince (as it should be for such a project)

John Gossage is a photographer.

Images: top – Empty New York by Duane Michals, below – The Unwanted by Thilde Jensen, Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road by Tim Carpenter.

Thilde Jensen
Tim Carpenter