Chris Shaw – Weeds of Wallasey, recommended by Mark Pearson

“Not Nudes, but Weeds”

Chris Shaw says he took up photography after seeing a photograph by Ikko Narahara in a library book. He was so taken by this image, of two dustbins apparently floating in mid-air in New Mexico, that he took the library book on “long-term loan”, only to return it many many years later. In Chris` latest book “Weeds of Wallasey” he returns to his home town of Wallasey, for a series of portraits. His earlier book, “My Life as a Night Porter” was about the squalid night life of big city hotels, prominently featuring the drunks and the nudes. The new book is about not nudes, but weeds. The book includes Shaw`s inimitable captions, scribbled at the bottom of each print. Like the pictures, they are interesting, humorous, moving and mysterious. And even shorter than a Haiku.

Weeds of Wallasey may be purchased here.

Mark Pearson is owner of Zen Foto Gallery in Tokyo, which specialises in Japanese and Chinese photography. Zen Foto also runs a small press, principally for publications by artists shown in the Gallery.