New Love by Ren Hang, reviewed by Chris Michaels

It’s not everyday that a new photography book hits the shelves as powerful, touching as imaginative as Ren Hang’s vision.  His photography is so open and bright, yet his direction can sometimes be dark and private. Mixing the two together is what you’ll find in his new release, New Love.


‘New love’ takes you on a new journey in 2015. Hang’s previous work has been noted as being dark, unique, weird, captivating, and brilliant, and while ‘New Love’ doesn’t lose those; it offers a more personal side of Hang’s vision, never embarked on before now.


‘New Love’ takes us on a personal journey into the daily life of Ren Hang. It shows us that, we are all human, and amidst our busy day to day life, there is always something beautiful to be captured on camera. Hang takes nudity and nakedness to another level; exposing the vulnerability and uninhibited sexual nature of a playful and exciting new world. Ren Hang has the uncanny ability to capture voyeurism, loneliness, love, darkness, and self expression in very special ways – this is what I’ve had the pleasure to experience in his newest release ’New Love’ and I sure do love it!

New Love by Ren Hang can be purchased here.

Chris Michaels is a local radio personality in Northern NC and southern VA. He’s spent 20 years on the airwaves and has a passion for photography, art, and animals. Michaels studied Music Business and has a vast knowledge of photographic art.  Chris can be contacted here.