NUDE / A ROOM / FLOWERS by Sakiko Nomura, recommended by André Príncipe

NUDE / A ROOM / FLOWERS by Sakiko Nomura is one of those rare books that causes a physical reaction when you first see it. It happens in about ten seconds. It has to do with the title, cover, choice of materials, texture of the paper and the way images are combined with each other. If this happens in public, put it away,  you don’t want to see it in public. You want to be sitting in the most comfortable place in your house, probably with a glass of wine in hand. Add a fireplace, if you have one, and some snow outside would be good too.

Sexual desire, a desire to be naked, pure, to experience real intimacy will be your guides to far away places, to difficult dark moments, they will take you to Venice´s alleys, cheap Indian motels, hospital emergency rooms, suburban beds. You will be travelling by sea and land, sometimes flying.

This is not about a moment or place, it´s about all the other moments and places, places in betweeen, moments after and before the photos. Things flowing, emotions, memories. The beautiful textured paper feels like sheets in an hotel bed and works like a screen where the images that the viewer brings to the book merge with the images printed. It´s like going to a mirror, you know that the images will never be the same. And you know how that both depends and doesn’t depend on you.

A selection of photobooks by Sakiko Nomura can be browsed here.

André Príncipe is a filmmaker, photographer and publisher. He has published Tunnels (Booth-Clibborn editions, 2005), Master and Everyone (2010), I thought you knew the place where all of the elephants lie down (2011), Perfume do Boi (2012), and Smell of Tiger precedes Tiger (2012) all on his own publishing house Pierre von Kleist editions. Flamingo field without flamingos, his latest feature film, premiered in Indie Lisboa 2013.

Sakiko Nomura