Paul Graham – Does Yellow Run Forever? recommended by Harvey Benge

Paul Graham’s new book – Does Yellow Run Forever? – arrived in my mail box today. It’s a small and perfectly formed edition, with the tactile feel almost of a hymn book or a volume of sacred texts. The book contains pictures of rainbows, Paul’s partner Senami asleep and sad gold / pawn shops in New York City. Graham describes the book as his little book of rainbows a diversion about love, illusion, wealth, dreams and finding happiness. This is a quiet and deceptively simple work, yet it’s loaded with metaphoric possibilities.The book is not so much about the photographs (Graham has the ability to take a cliché and give it meaning and resonance) but more about what they represent. Love is certainly central to the work, as is the truth of impermanence and the idea that the most unlikely of things coexist.

The book is a testament to equanimity which surely is the ground for wisdom, freedom, compassion and love.

There are many mysteries to unravel in this little book which makes it a pleasure to keep coming back to.

Does Yellow Run Forever? can be purchased here.

Harvey Benge makes strange photographs in cities and photobooks that are not about gypsies or coalminers.