Sonia Berger selects her photobooks of 2014

In no particular order here are some of the photobooks I enjoyed this year:-

Entre Entree


  1. Entre Entree – Stephan Keppel (Fw Books)

Stephan Keppel’s vision of the beltway and the suburbs of Paris is full of geometries, patters, architectural details and surfaces. I love the way he uses different papers and reproduction techniques and how he shows part of these processes in the book.


  1. Tauromaquia – Julián Barón (self-published)

A book that informs about educational activities for school kids. Clear and direct.

This Year's Model

  1. This Year’s Model – Go Itami (Rondade)

Although I don’t own a copy yet, I look forward to again seeing Go Itami’s latest book. A book on the surface and appearance of things, using the language of fashion and publicity and a simple design, paired images that work perfectly for me. Curious to read it again while listening to Elvis Costello.


  1. Trepat – Joan Fontcuberta (Editions Bessard)

One never knows where reality ends and fiction begins, and this one above all of Fontcuberta’s books takes this idea to the next level. This book brings a lot of fun. Genius.


  1. El porqué de las naranjas – Ricardo Cases (MACK)

Ricardo Cases uses a language and a layout intended for a detailed observation to portrait the landscape and territory of his natal region of Levante, all bathed in a brilliant Mediterranean light. What has happened politically and economically in Spain in the last years can be perfectly understood through this book.

The Random Series

  1. The Random Series – Miguel Ángel Tornero (RM)

The mysterious story of how machines interpret the world, its images and words and even this book. Terrific!


  1. Italia o Italia – Federico Clavarino (Akina)

A subtle book using an amazing colour palette to tell the story about a country stuck in the past.


Sonia Berger runs Dalpine, a publishing house and online bookstore based in Madrid.