Tall-Maja by Agneta Ekman, recommended by Morten Andersen

My first meeting with Tall-Maja (Pine-Maja) took place in some friends apartment in Stockholm way back in the 1990s, it was one of these great discoveries for me, something you hadnt seen before and a photographer you have never heard about before either. It took some years before I got my own copy but when I finally did, after some years of searching, it hadnt lost its magical  power. Although quite different it was an important inspiration for my own Blue Forest book from 2009. I still dont know much about Agneta Ekman except that she published this wonderful little book when she was only 27 years old when it was published in Sweden in 1967. It could have look dated with its double exposures, free and wild spirit and it’s folkloristic feeling, but it’s actually a very modern book that still feels fresh and could have been made today. Tall-Maja is actually one of my favorite books and as usual Journal have put a lot of care and perfection to the production so the reprint that came out earlier this year makes its possible for everyone to enter the fascinating, mysterious and magical world of Tall-Maja….dont hesitate, dont be afraid…time to enter the forest!

Tall-Maja, facsimile edition was published in 2013 by Journal.

Morten Andersen first started making fanzines and taking pictures of friends in punk rock bands when 15 years old in 1980. He has published 14 books of his own work including Fast City (1999),ASS TIME GOES BY (2008),Blå Skog/Blue Forest (2009), Jetlag and Alcohol (2009),  Black and Blue(2011) 16 bilder/Lost dogs (2012).