Photobooks of 2016: Rudi Thoemmes

Photobooks of 2016: Rudi Thoemmes


2016 was in some ways a year to forget when it comes to new photobooks and I had to cheat a little to come-up with ten:


Krass Clement – Impasse Hotel Syria
The only truly outstanding photobook I have seen this year.


Moises Saman – Discordia
Elaborate production but it works


James O’Jenkins – Thatcher’s Funeral
Modest and unassuming, it hits the spot.


Gerry Johansson – Tokyo
The only surprise was that it was not published by Mack.


David Fathi – Wolfgang
Published by Skinnerboox, one of the better new publishers around.


Ken Grant – A Topical Times for These Times
Totally unbiased selection of course.


Wilhelm Schürmann – Das Nötig
Classic German book from 1990, unobtainable until a whole pile was discovered earlier this year and now back in circulation.


Henrik Malmstrom – A minor wrongdoing
Kominek published two titles by Henrik in 2015 but they only made it to Bristol this year.


Alejandro Cartagena – Rivers of Power
Annoying cover.  Most reviewers preferred  Santa Barbara, another Skinnerboox publication but we  preferred this dark tale.


Horacio Fernandez – New York in Photobooks
Great addition to the reference shelf.


Rudi Thoemmes is a Publisher,  Bookseller, and Organiser of Photobook Bristol


Images: top: Krass Clement – Impasse Hotel Syria, below: Horacio Fernandez – New York In Photobooks, Ken Grant – A Topical Times for These Times



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