Photobooks of 2016: The Photocaptionist

The Photocaptionist’s favourite five photo-text books of 2016.


Vasantha Yogananthan – Early Times
Photography and literature make love


Clare Strand – Girl Plays With Snake
Psychological and weird (in a positive way), plus the text comes from an online poetry generator


Jason Fulford – Contains 3 Books
Beautifully enigmatic, blissfully confusing


Valentina Abenavoli – Anaesthesia
Dark, intimate yet universal


Lorenzo Tricoli – Other Adventures of Pinocchio
Or the tragicomic wondrous history of the Bel Paese


p.s We also love photobooks without words just so you know, but we like to keep ourselves focused. Happy break if you are having one!


The Photocaptionist is a platform that promotes the practice of concubinage between photography and literature, images and words.


Images – top: Early Times by Vasantha Yogananthan, below: Contains 3 Books by Jason Fulford


Jason Fulford