Photobooks of 2016: Thomas Wiegand

Photobooks of 2016: Thomas Wiegand

New York in Photobooks by Horacio Fernandez

A rather small book with a matching selection of New York books in an unpretentious layout.

Provoke: Between Protest and Performance
Allows insights into legendary, rare and influential publications, cool design!

Impasse Hotel Syria by Krass Clement

Tokyo by Gerry Johansson
I love the work of both photographers and I try to  to acquire all of their books before I can not afford them… Clement is the great storyteller among the photobookmakers, Johansson practiced an ironic style.

Hello Camel by Christoph Bangert
Humour and war? Here it is working together in a serious way.

The Narcissistic City by Takashi Homma

The city as an obsession motif, the book is designed to the point!

A Topical Times for these Times by Ken Grant

A passionate book about a passion: football.

Amak Mahmoodian – Shenasnameh
Form follows function perfectly!

Vineta 1985/1990 by Andreas Trogisch

May be the best photo book on Germany from the last year with a flashback into the German history.

Bamberg Symphony by Andreas Herzau

A book about a symphony orchestra – high culture, boring? No! Here we have a wonderful photo book based on a smart layout and surprising pictures.

Thomas Wiegand is a photographer and writer specialized in photobooks. His „Deutschland im Fotobuch“, published 2011 by Steidl, is an attempt to reflect the image of a country based on a carefully selected choice of the huge amount of photobooks published since the First World War. The book was designed as an exhibition between covers. He is currently working on a book about the photo books produced in the former GDR (DDR).


Images – top: Provoke:Between Protest and Performance, bottom: Takashi Homma – The Narcissistic City


Takashi Homma

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