Photobooks of 2017: Thomas Wiegand

Photobooks of 2017: Thomas Wiegand


Javier Arcenillas – UFO Presences
Amusing investigation in 1950s style about places, where flying saucers were spotted.


Mathieu Asselin – Monsanto. A Photographic Investigation
Relevant story and powerful photos in matching layout.


Marek M. Berezowski – Citymorphoses
Gray dominated, claustrophic work about building up new cities in China, Russia, Poland and other countries.


Hansgert Lambers/Jens Bove (editors), Christian Borchert – Schattentanz / Shadow dance
Well designed monograph about an important German photographer.


Krass Clement – Dublin
Once again a city´s great story in pictures which need no words.


Jan Grarup – And then there was silence
Crowdfunded heavyweight, first edition of 4000 sold out fast. The whole world between the covers. Book of the year!


Martin Parr – Remote Scottish Postboxes
Typology of always the same red mailboxes in front of changing background. Funny paraphrase to the Becher´s work, delivered in an appropriate cardboard box.


Moritz Neumüller (editor) – Photobook Phenomenon
Catalogue of an important exhibition in pioneering design in individual issues.


Irina Popova – If you have a secret
Wonderful layout, nice integration of texts. Geheimtipp! (insider tip)


Henk Wildschut – Ville de Calais
Sad theme, compelling solution for this engaged documentary reportage.

Thomas Wiegand is a photographer and art historian specialized in photobooks. His „Deutschland im Fotobuch“, published 2011 by Steidl, is an attempt to reflect the image of a country based on a carefully selected choice of the huge amount of photobooks published since the First World War. The book was designed as an exhibition between covers. He is still working on a book about the photo books produced in the former GDR (DDR).
Images: top – Krass Clement – Dublin, below – Irina Popova – If you have a secret